Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Princess Lasertron Kit


Look what arrived in the mail! It's a diy felt flower bouquet kit from Princess Lasertron!


I ordered it a few weeks ago when she was offering 25% off kits. I'm super excited to get started on it!



Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sugar high

We made cupcakes tonight.


Can you tell which ones were decorated by Chris and which were done by me?

Chris' cupcakes

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Chris' Jacket

Plans for Chris' Jacket

Now that you've seen the sketches for my dress, you might be wondering what Chris will be wearing. Obviously it needs to be something amazing.

Custom Military Tailcoat
sketches of the military tailcoat in red and ivory by Chris

Chris wants a look that is equal parts ringmaster and the Duke of New York.

We found AJ Machete and Sons on etsy and are thrilled to be working with them for a custom version of their military tailcoat. It's going to look so bad ass!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!


It's hard to beat last year's Valentine's Day but today was pretty awesome. First, some of my  colleagues at work got me chocolates and balloons.

Valentines Photobooth
Chris insisted we wear the photobooth pirate hats

Then Chris took me to the Diefenbunker for dinner and a movie. While sitting at a table with strangers in a cafeteria 75 feet underground might not sound terribly romantic, it was a lot of fun.

Bunker VDay Chocolates

I think my favourite part was the delicious chocolates from the Swan at Carp. Who knew the radioactive symbol could look so cute?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Plans for the Dress

My parents' wedding
my beautiful mother wearing the dress

Plans for the Dress

I never imagined that I would get to wear my mother's wedding dress. Until this December I couldn't remember having ever even seen the dress other than in pictures, because it wasn't really my mother's dress.

When my Tante Henny (my mother's sister) was getting married in the early eighties, she paid $1000 for a  beautiful chiffon and lace wedding dress. My mom told me she remembers thinking that was an awful lot of money.

Being the practical woman that she is, when my mom got married a few years later she borrowed the dress.

Tante Suzy & Oom Bruno's Wedding
My aunt wearing the dress, I'm the bald one on my mom's lap

Fast forward a little later and it was my Tante Suzy's turn to get married and she too wore the dress. So all three sisters shared the same dress and then it was packed away in my Tante Henny's house for a quarter century.

Before alterations

And then Chris and I got engaged and my aunt very generously offered to let me wear the dress too.

Before alterations

Unfortunately, I'm not as skinny as they were in the eighties and, while I loved the look, it wasn't really what we were going for at our wedding. But, incredibly, my aunt gave me carte blanche to do whatever I want to it.

Dress Front

I had a bunch of different ideas floating around in my head until we met with an amazing seamstress who was able to bring them all together.

Deanna Fokes was highly recommended by a friend and Chris and I are so excited to be working with her. She sketched out a fantastic design to transform the dress my mother and all her sisters wore into something unlike anything I could hope to find in a bridal shop.

Dress Back

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Metal Flowers

Pop can roses

Metal Flowers

I've been saving up our aluminium cans to use them for a few different wedding projects. The first thing I'm using them for is pop can roses.

Pop can roses

The metal roses are made pretty much the same way as the giant paper flowers we made for Promdemonium last year.

Making metal petals

First I clean off the cans and remove some of the paint, then I trace and cut out the heart shaped petals before bending and attaching them to a wire stem. I get about 1 flower per can and while it does take some time, it's a good way to keep my fingers busy while we're enjoying netflix.

Pop can roses

Make your own 3D standing card

As promised, I've posted a full instructable on how to make our save the date cards with a pdf template so you can make your own.

I've entered it in the Valentines Day contest so you can go check it out and vote for it over on