Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Happenings

Baby Axel's early arrival has necessitated some changes to our Halloween plans this year. Since he's not ready to join us for any big parties and costume contests, we're going to focus instead on decorating the house and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. I still don't even know what costumes we'll wear! (but there's no shortage of options as my archive of costume blog posts will attest)

Monster Mask Workshop
Axel at his first YuKonstruct workshop

While we haven't worked out our outfits yet, we have been helping others get their costumes ready. Chris and I have been teaching a mask making workshop at YuKonstruct.

Monster Mask Workshop

It's been a lot of fun showing people how we've made masks like the ones we use for Ludo and Bebop and Rocksteady. The class participants have some really great plans for their masks and I can't wait to see how they all turn out when the workshop wraps up this weekend.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Welcome to the world Axel!

Friday was officially my last day of work, but I still had a bunch of loose ends to tie up so I was planning on going in over the weekend to clean off my desk and wrap stuff up. Chris was out of town for a wedding and I was looking forward to having the weekend to get stuff done around the house before we jumped back into the kitchen renovations. I remember thinking on Saturday morning how great it was that I would have the next month to focus on getting everything ready for our baby since we were so unprepared.

Like many mornings over the last 7 months, Saturday started with me eating breakfast and then promptly throwing it up. I was feeling pretty miserable about still dealing with morning sickness at that point, and without Chris to complain to, I turned to facebook for a little sympathy.

Status Update

I really should have known better than to write "the baby can't get here soon enough" when Chris was halfway across the country.

Sure enough, I was about to wrap up for the day at my office around 2 pm when my water broke. In our prenatal class they told us that it's not really like on tv, but that's exactly what happened. Just 'Whoosh!' and I was drenched down to my socks.

So there I was, soaking wet, alone in an empty office on a Saturday.

I called Chris but he didn't answer because he had shut his phone off for the wedding ceremony. Then I called an amazing coworker who had told me to call her if anything happened while Chris was away. She rushed to my rescue. I wasn't having any contractions so I tried to convince her to take me home so I could change, but she insisted on driving me straight to the hospital, pantless. I'm really glad I wore a long coat that day.

At the hospital they immediately checked me in to the last available maternity room. Whitehorse averages only one baby born a day, but all 8 rooms were full (ultimately 7 babies were born October 4, 2014!).

The nurses and doctors were quick to set me up on antibiotics and told me I was 2cm dilated and mostly effaced. They'd give me until 2am and then they would have to induce, but if Chris could change his flight, there was still a chance he could make it in time.

They asked me if I had a birth plan or go bag they could get for me, but no, Chris and I hadn't gotten that far. We had just set up an appointment to meet a doula the following week!

I wasn't having much in the way of contractions or pain, so I hung out in my hospital room with my incredible coworker. Eventually I got through to Chris on his cell phone. He got the news while in the wedding receiving line and held up the whole line while he got over the shock.

Just before 8pm our friend Fawn came to the hospital to keep me company and relieve my coworker. Fawn is amazing. She's a mom and knew exactly what to expect, so she came prepared with snacks, movies and even candles.

My last text to Chris before giving birth
my last text to Chris before the birth

The baby must have know that Fawn would make an excellent doula because not long after she arrived, things started happening very quickly. She rubbed my back, mopped my brow and fed me ice water all while keeping Chris updated on our progress. Chris got a ticket for the quickest available flight, but he wouldn't land in Whitehorse until noon the next day, so having Fawn there for me (for us both) was so wonderful.

Before my labour, I wasn't really sure where I stood on pain medication, but in the end there wasn't time for an epidural. I am however grateful for the laughing gas, even if only because it forced me to focus on my breathing (which was much better than my natural desire to scream through the whole process).

At 11:01 pm on Saturday October 4, 2014, baby Axel was born, weighing 5 lbs and measuring 18" long.

While he caught us by surprise, Chris and I couldn't be happier with our healthy little boy.

Chris meeting Axel
Chris met his son the next day and it was love at first sight. The proud father has been doing a fantastic job of looking after us. Because he's premature, the doctors and nurses have been keeping a close watch on Axel and we'll be staying at the hospital for another few days.

Some photos from our hospital stay:

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


This morning we woke up to snow!

2014-09-30 Whitehorse

Whitehorse was hit by over 10 cm of snow today. I guess I should get around to harvesting the vegetables from the garden, eh?

2014-09-30 Whitehorse

Sunday, September 21, 2014


As you may have guessed from my 32 week photo outfit, we've been working on the kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Renovation

We started by taking out the floating floor, which came out really easy. We were a little worried about what we'd find underneath, but we were pleasantly surprised by the condition of the plywood subfloor.

Kitchen Renovation

After the laminate flooring was safely stored in the basement, we tore out the kitchen closet.

Kitchen Renovation

Unfortunately removing the cabinets was not as easy as the floor and closet. I had originally hoped that we would be able to keep the cabinets to reuse in the basement or garage, but they were built in place with an excessive amount of glue and nails, so taking them down required tearing them apart. At least we should be able to reuse some of the wood from the cabinets.

Kitchen Renovation

After pulling out the cabinets, we discovered that we'd need to do more work on the walls than we'd originally expected. We removed the thin wood sheets, so we can put up a vapor barrier and gypsum board.

Kitchen Renovation - wood paneling behind the wood paneling
behind the wood paneling, more wood paneling!

The next thing to go was the ceiling tiles.The naked wood ceiling actually looks really cool and Chris and I are both a little disappointed that we're going to have to cover it up. But we can't have sawdust and insulation falling into our food while we're cooking in the kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation - hidden message
message on the back of one of the ceiling tiles
Kitchen Renovation

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Makerspace to call our own

YuKonstruct's grand opening was last night!

YuKonstruct Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting

What was just an idea in January is now a reality and we're so excited. Chris and I can't wait to make the most of all the awesome tools. With access to a CNC machine, a laser cutter, welders, 3D printers, a forge and so many other tools, the possibilities are endless.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

32 Weeks

32 weeks

While I'm still dealing with morning sickness, I'm feeling the best that I have all pregnancy. I think the three weeks I took off work in August really helped me catch up on sleep and recharge.

We've been taking weekly photos to document the growth of my baby bump. I love how you can see the seasons changing and the progress we've made on the house while the baby grows.

I feel huge and awkward, and I'm quickly approaching 200lbs, but even with less than 2 months to go, I must not look that pregnant because some people are still surprised when I tell them!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Missing the Man

While we were fortunate enough to get tickets to Burning Man this year, I'll be watching the Man burn from Whitehorse. Chris and I made the difficult decision to skip Burning Man when we found out I was pregnant and our home renovations suddenly had a looming deadline.

Burning Man 2012

I'll be watching the live stream and wishing I could be there on the playa with my little brothers and all the other crazy burners while the Man goes up in flames. But honestly, I'm a little relieved I'm not stuck out in the heat and dust in my current state.

Next year will be awesome!